We heard that "funds" are vultures!

  • We are private equity investors for growth and partners in family firms with a global vision.

How different are you?

  • 100% independent, commercial angle, "hands-on", international platform, London-base, flexible.

Do you work with others?

  • We work with everyone. Ecosystem growth is beneficial for our partners and exits.

What do you look for?

  • Our review is holistic - on the business, market and people as well as our ability to add value.

What is your goal?

  • We work together with our partners to make spectacular returns.

Why Greece or Cyprus?

  • European markets of great talent which after a period or restructuring turned to exports and growth.

Why London?

  • The bridge of the world for commercial and financial transactions.
  • AngloSaxon legal framework as the basis for international agreements world wide.
  • Access to Middle East, USA and Asia and proximity to Europe.
  • Ecosystem knowhow (£6.9 trillion under UK management, 58,000 FCA firms).