Welcome to Brookstreet Equity Partners LLP ("Brookstreet").

We are a unique, commercially motivated and flexible Private Equity/Venture Capital (PEVC) investment group supporting companies which experience transformational growth. Our mission is to be “the leading investor and partner for innovative, profitable, high-growth and extrovert small-cap (SME) out-performers”.

Based out of London (the bridge of the world) we outreach USA, Europe, Middle East and Asia. We seek opportunities in emerging and developing markets where we have a distinct competitive advantage to apply Anglo-Saxon models of growth and expansion. Currently we are very active in SE Europe.



Global Champion

Global Champion

We invest our time and money to internationalise and professionalise businesses that have the potential to become national champions and global players. As personal or family units reach new growth stages, leaders must transform their firms to gain scale.

  • We are an independent group of private equity investors, business professionals and serial entrepreneurs.

  • We provide an international platform with a range of benefits beyond national borders.

  • We have a pragmatic and commercial approach to investment in family firms.



Global Capital

Brookstreet Equity Partners LLP UK is a Member of the British Private Equity & Venture Capital Association (BVCA). Registered and Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Our operations are Brexit-proof.

Brookstreet benefits from London access to 250+ PEVC firms and 3,000+ family-wealth offices with estimated capital of £11+ trillion.

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