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We are very excited about Brookstreet’s investment to Terracom. Together, (with Brookstreet), we will accelerate Terracom’s growth and provide globally innovative technological solutions and real value to our customers and partners. We share Brookstreet’s commercial values and global vision. We will work hand-in-hand, to realise this aspiration.”
— Dimitris Zacharakis

CEO - Terracom

About Terracom 

Terracom is a Greek-based, globally-installed software technology firm which has developed the renowned QR Patrol (QRP Guard Tour Patrol System), an integrated security workforce management cloud-based software-as-a-service platform. QRP’s most-impressive clientele includes IVY league universities, police forces and security firms, corporations and infrastructure bases (including a world-class client which assigned Terracom 3,500 QRP users). Terracom is a true European R&D leader and a Horizon 2020 SME Instrument champion (1,090 proposals, 30 approvals, 2 in Greece). QR Patrol is installed in 80+ countries.


  • Papapolitis & Papapolitis (GR)

  • Candesic (UK)

  • RSM (GR)

  • Alter Domus (Global)


  • Barclays (UK)

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Brookstreet Investment in Terracom 

Brookstreet Equity Partners (“Brookstreet”) announces its investment in integrated security workface management firm Terracom S.A.

Brooksteet is a London-based investment group supporting companies which experience transformational growth. Its mission is to be the leading investor and partner with innovative, high-growth, small-cap “out-performers”. Brookstreet’s awards for 2018 & 2019 include Niche PE House of the Year, GameChanger of the Year and Innovative PEVC Fund Manager of the Year. Brookstreet is a DraxFuture40 fund manager that helps shape the future of Europe.

Brookstreet’s Managing Partner (CEO), Omiros Sarikas stated:

“Brookstreet secured with Terracom a strategic shareholding in a top edge security and technology company. Security workface management is a multi-billion-dollar market growing exponentially. Funds will drive business expansion and best-in-class product development using artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and augmented reality (AR) technologies. Terracom has the potential of Unicorn status and already attracted discussions with large-cap tech funds. Broosktreet backs Terracom to turbo-charge this aspiration and drive a global scale up.”