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Born and raised in the island of Corfu, Sakis Rouvas started his music career in 1991, at the Thessaloniki Song Festival. Since then, he has been steadily at the top of the Greek music scene and show-biz with numerous distinctions in different fields, as he has received the best New Singer, the Best Song, the Best Stage Performance as well as many other awards.  

Sakis has the privilege to be followed by a vivid crowd of passionate and enthusiastic pool of followers (on and off-line) in the largest fan club in Greece that no other artist has achieved till today. 

His multitalented personality has been demonstrated through his leading roles in cinema, ancient drama and Hollywood movies, as well as through his participation in popular TV shows and large-scale events, including the 2004 Athens Olympics Closing Ceremony and the Eurovision Song Contest, as a participant in 2004 and 2009, and as a host in 2006.  

During his career he has partnered with selected top brands in legendary campaigns. He is the only Greek singer ever to have been offered to be the face of soft drinks giant, Pepsi. He has also become the face for the Greek campaign of mobile phone giant Vodafone, just like David Beckham and Michael Schumacher did in the respective international campaigns.   

Parallel to his career, Sakis has demonstrated a long-term commitment to supporting Children in need, while being himself a caring father of four kids.  

A true star, an iconic figure with massive appeal to all age groups, a fashion icon and the No1 trend-setter, Sakis Rouvas is one of the most influential personalities in Greece.